Germinator Expands Into New Territories, From OKC, Oklahoma, to the Northeastern Region of the U.S.

August 13, 2020
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ATLANTA — August 13, 2020 — Germinator franchises are rapidly expanding across multiple cities throughout the U.S., and these franchises have one goal in mind: to provide a new generation of microbial protection for communities across the country. Germinator has launched several franchises since February and is proud to announce its newest locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Bangor, Maine; and Providence, Rhode Island. Germinator originated in 2015 and proves to be a valuable business for those interested in franchising and helping to secure homes and businesses from pathogens and unwanted odors. The company continues to see growing interest from consumers across every industry and national market and plans to open new locations in the coming months.

Germinator Expands Into Oklahoma, Maine, and Rhode Island
Germinator's patent-pending methodology is the most unique and cost-effective means of providing enhanced antimicrobial protection for businesses and residences. The company first tests surfaces for ATP using a luminometer to detect light that can come from cellular activity. This measurement immediately provides the level of clean on a surface.

The next step is the application of Germinator's Genesis surface treatment. Genesis is a one-step cleaner and broad-spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant treatment that harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Derived from naturally occurring minerals, Genesis not only eliminates odors at their source but kills a wide range of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Salmonella enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and viruses including norovirus, rotavirus and adenovirus on hard, non-porous, environmental surfaces. It meets the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) germicidal spray standards for Hospital Grade Disinfection and is on the EPA's N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, this treatment will eliminate bacteria and viruses that may reside in your environment without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes.

Following Genesis, Germinator applies its Shield, a water-based quaternary ammonium compound that imparts a durable bacteriostatic finish. It is EPA-registered as effective against mold, mildew, algae and odor-causing bacteria. This application creates an invisible barrier that helps combat deterioration and discoloration and promotes freshness for up to three months.

The Genesis and Shield products are applied by using an electrostatic sprayer, which is the most efficient and effective means of delivering the products to the intended application sites. After Germinator's surface treatment and protectant services, the company retests ATP levels to ensure the surfaces have achieved the intended results.

Germinator Oklahoma City is owned and operated by Tom Smith, who brings over three decades of valuable business development, management, marketing and sales experience to the franchise. On top of owning a franchise, Smith is a principal and senior partner at Transaction Advisors, where he has been actively involved in the acquisition and transfer of businesses and business assets for 22 years. Smith decided to open Germinator's first Oklahoma location so that he could provide the community with an effective option in a time where frequent sanitizing and disinfecting has become crucial. Smith supported his new venture and involvement in the community when he said:

"The frequency at which people sanitize and disinfect has significantly increased amid the pandemic. I wanted to provide the community with an alternative option. Unlike many disinfectants that use harsh chemicals, Germinator's Genesis uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which contains no harsh chemicals or fumes."

The CEO of Germinator, Jeff Gill, is excited to have Smith on board and is confident that his strong background in business will make the recent franchise expansion a great success. Gill also welcomes the new Germinator Bangor franchisee owner, Pete Philbrick, who will own and operate the franchise location in Bangor, Maine. Germinator Bangor will service neighborhoods throughout Aroostook County, Hancock County, Kennebec County, Knox County, Penobscot County, Piscataquis County, Somerset County, Waldo County, and Washington County.

Born and raised in Bangor, Philbrick has always been passionate about serving the people of Maine. After receiving his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Maine, he worked in telecommunications and owned an Internet company for many years before beginning his career in the franchise industry. He worked in franchise development and eventually became a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE). To Philbrick, cleanliness and hygiene have always been paramount to him and his family, and with his recent purchase of a Germinator franchise, he now has the ability to help ensure homes and businesses are properly sanitized and disinfected.

Germinator Utilizes Electrostatic Sprayers to Apply HOCl to Surface

Germinator Rhode Island location will be managed and operated by Matt Banoub. The franchise will service businesses and residents throughout Northern Rhode Island and its surrounding areas, providing a unique sanitizing and disinfecting process. Prior to launching the franchise, Matt founded Aten Energy Conservation, a Rhode Island-based weatherization company. Since 2010, Aten Energy has helped over 1,700 Rhode Island homes earn the EPA's "Energy Star" designation. The company has also earned numerous 'Century Awards' from the U.S. Department of Energy and EPA, as well as the 2019 Rhode Island SBA Microenterprise of the Year Award. Gill expressed his confidence about onboarding Banoub to the franchise family when he said:

"We're looking forward to working with Matt as we enter the Rhode Island market," said Jeff Gill, CEO of Germinator. "Our continued expansion has helped us to better serve communities across the U.S. during such a difficult time. Matt has strong leadership experience and a track record of success, making him the perfect choice to lead Germinator Rhode Island."

Germinator franchises continue to rapidly expand across the country. Jeff decided to launch franchising for the company earlier this year, prior to the start of the pandemic, to offer potential business owners and entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity that utilizes a strong business model and enables them to provide a valuable service to their communities. He believes Germinator's services will help create a difference for just about anyone, and potential franchise owners will be able to provide a service that's revolutionary, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

Germinator Franchise Benefits: Huge Potential, Low Start-Up Costs, Repeat Business Model, & Endless Markets for Service

Protect Communities With Germinator

Potential franchisees have an opportunity to obtain financial independence and will help people secure their businesses and homes from harmful pathogens and unwanted odors. Germinator's products are recognized by the EPA and further validated by our Scientific Advisory Board made up of key leaders like Dr. Roscoe Moore Jr. —who was an Assistant to the United States Surgeon General for five administrations. If interested, speak to a franchise specialist today by filling out the form on the page or calling us at 855-664-3769 to learn more. To schedule service, please visit

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