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What is your franchise fee and what does it include?
The franchise fee is of $25,000. However, the estimated total start-up cost requires an investment of aproximately $40,250 - 64,000 including franchise fee, initial equipment, marketing, insurance, and additional fees.
What is the initial investment for equipment and supplies?
$7,000 - $8,500
How large are your territories:
Territories are a minimum of 25,000 people.
Do you offer master franchises if I want to purchase a large area?
Yes, please fill out the form on this page and speak with a franchise specialist to assist you with more information.
Will you sell franchises outside of the US?
Yes, please fill out the form on this page and speak with a franchise specialist to assist you with more information.
Who would need Germinator services?
Germinator's services are applicable to virtually any industry, institutional, or residential property. On the residential side, we often get calls for whole-home sanitizing and disinfecting, while removing unwanted odors at homes. On the commercial side, our HOCI solution eliminates bacteria and viruses that may reside on surfaces in gyms, hotels, spas, offices, medical facilities, universities and colleges, military bases, transportation facilities, casinos, restaurants, daycares, dental offices, houses of worship, supermarkets, event venues, stadiums, and so much more.
Can you give me an example of what a large potential opportunity would look like?
Franchisees have an opportunity to secure several contracts as well as have clients opt-in for the Quarterly Protection Plan. Franchisees can secure recurring jobs where you can service large scale areas like corporate offices, school districts, secure government contracts, stadiums, and more of that nature. For residents, you can have clients opt-in for the quarterly service, which will increase your streams of revenue over time.
What type of equipment will I need?
We will recommend everything needed to run your business, which includes all of the sanitizing and disinfecting equipment, chemicals, van graphics, supplies, approved ATP monitors, and all of the products you will be selling.
What type of vehicle will I need?
Since vehicle models are constantly changing, tell us what vehicle you are thinking of using for service and we will let you know if it meets our requirements.
What type of training do you require?
We have a training program for all new franchise purchasers. We detail all the safety, products, procedures, and sales to promote excellence in understanding the importance of essentially and correctly performing a sanitizing and disinfecting service for businesses and residents. We generate business with a solid digital marketing effort, which includes a great website, SEO, social media marketing, and PPC marketing.
What type of franchise support will you offer?
We are available seven days a week to assist you with all aspects of your business.
What type of marketing support will you offer?
We will help you build a marketing plan for your franchise. It will consist of various components, including digital marketing support through our exclusive digital marketing partner, WebFindYou, which provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media development, reputation management, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising management. Franchisees may provide their own marketing materials, but it must be approved by corporate.
How many people do I need to run a franchise?
You can run a franchise with as little as one person. But, as you grow, you will want to add technicians and or sales people to handle your growing business.
How often should customers use our service?
We recommend franchisees to tell their clients to use our services every 90-days or they can opt-in our Quarterly Protection Program to sustain a hygienic environment for a "True Level of Clean."
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