Becoming Your Own Boss With Germinator

October 13, 2021

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Buying a franchise is considered by many to be a shortcut to business ownership. When you buy one, you become your own boss by acquiring a business that has already done much of the leg work for you.

Franchises like Germinator have a well-established brand identity, offer a lineup of products and services that have been tested and perfected in the market (most are EPA registered) and a built-in customer base.

In general, franchising has a one-year higher success rate of around 6.3 percent compared to most independent businesses that are brand new. On top of that, the two-year franchise success rate has been shown to be up to 8 percent higher than most independent businesses, according to a paper by the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.

These are some reasons why buying a franchise like Germinator's might be a great way to have your own business versus starting from scratch. Plus, you might have the potential to earn revenue faster with a Germinator franchise than you would be opening a brand-new business.

Two Men Shaking Hands Closing a Deal on a Germinator Franchise
So, considering this, is buying a sanitizing and disinfecting franchise a good idea, especially with the new variants of the "virus" developing?

Why Buying a Sanitizing and Disinfecting Franchise Is a Good Idea

Actually, it's not just a good idea. It's a GREAT idea!

Normal cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming aren't going to cut it anymore to help create truly protected spaces. The pandemic certainly made us all more aware of germs and the importance of implementing and maintaining proper sanitizing and disinfecting practices.

These practices have now become part of our daily lives and even more so for businesses. This creates a high demand for sanitizing and disinfecting products and services like the ones Germinator offers.

Still, the biggest reason by far is that the surface disinfectant market is on the rise. It turns out the major booster for this growth is not COVID but "…the increasing prevalence of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) worldwide," according to the "U.S. Surface Disinfectant Market Size, Share and Trends 2020 – 2027 Forecast Report" by Grand View Research. It's for that reason that the government is pushing enhanced cleaning measures in public places.

They forecasted that the surface disinfectant market is "…expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2020 to 2027."

What does that mean in USD? Well, the surface disinfectant industry had an estimated market value of USD 1.1 billion in 2020. According to the projected CAGR, by 2027, it will have a value of USD 1.9 billion in forecasted revenues.

A Graphic Showing That the Surface Disinfectant Market Is on the Rise
There's no better time than now to get a franchise in this thriving industry. Yet, from all the sanitizing and disinfecting franchises out there, what makes Germinator your best choice?

Why Germinator?

There are many reasons why a Germinator franchise is the right move if you want to get into the sanitizing and disinfecting industry and become your own boss. In addition to all the perks that franchising normally offers (brand recognition, built-in customer base, etc.), here's what makes Germinator unique:

  • You'll receive all the hands-on knowledge and extensive information you'll need to run your franchise smoothly.

    Not all franchises offer thorough and efficient training, but Germinator does. And it's the transfer of business know-how by the franchisor that plays a significant role in the success of our franchisees.

    It certainly helps that the CEO and founder, Jeff Gill, has also founded many successful businesses throughout his career. He's a proven industry leader whose experience is available for our franchisees to learn from, helping them achieve success. Our current franchisees connect and share ideas to help each other grow during our franchisee community meetings!

  • Germinator has the best sanitizing and disinfecting solutions available on the market. For example, or star sanitizing and disinfecting solution for our service-based offering is hypochlorous acid or HOCl.

    Right now, the market is seeing a surge in the usage of HOCl compared to other agents because of its effective properties against pathogens and odors without harsh fumes or chemicals. We've already walked the walk with our experiences and tested many products and processes to develop the most effective solutions.

    That's how we create what we call Germinator Zones. Spaces that have been tested, sanitized and disinfected against the new world of germs using the most advanced antimicrobial protection on the market.

    With our combination of services and products, you'll have the edge over your competitors in this very lucrative but competitive industry.

  • Germinator has well-developed channel partnerships to help bring your community the best sanitizing and disinfecting solutions and diverse service offerings through these partnerships.

    Read more about them in our blog post: Three Dynamic New Brands Partner to Reshape the Events Industry. But here's a snapshot summary of what they're about.

    • Virsitour: the only marketplace for meeting and event planners to source hotels and venues virtually.

    • SafeAccess: an exclusive suite of risk management solutions allowing visitors and locations to follow current health and safety policies, keeping places protected and safe from external risk using innovative technologies.

    • A Speaker on an Event Made Possible by Germinator, SafeAccess, and Virsitour
      More recently, Germinator partnered with forward-looking companies to offer "do-it-yourself" (DIY) solutions and products to help reclaim the spaces and places where we work, live, and play.

      Our partners on this front are:

    • Aeras Fog: provides the best patented electrostatic technology via multiple product delivery systems, including drones, commercial backpack foggers and handheld units for personal use.

    • Aerus: provides products that combine world-class, NASA-inspired technologies to help create a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable living environment at home, at work, and beyond.

    • Luminii®: an industry-leading commercial lighting and LED manufacturer. Our partnership allows us to offer the PURIFII™ AER W architectural-grade upper-air germicidal LED lighting platform as part of our Germinator Zone solutions.

Businessmen Shaking Hands Representing Germinator's Partnership With Aerus, Areas, and Luminii
With all the benefits and options listed above, a Germinator franchise offers the potential to generate multiple streams of revenue. What's awesome about our services and products is that they are applicable to any industry. Endless markets mean endless opportunities. The best way to become your own boss is with a Germinator franchise.

Our current franchisees know this and are part of a franchise that's ranked No. 37 in Entrepreneur's list of the Fastest-Growing Franchises.

If you are ready to become part of a great franchise family that's focused on helping others reclaim the spaces and places where they work, live, and play, then fill out the form on this page or call us at 855-664-3769 to speak to a franchise specialist.

For service, head over to

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